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1 Whether you’re representing on the sidelines or kicking it on the streets, you are proud to support the player that left a mark. We see you. We understand you. And we created 99Jersey because, like you, we wanted access to high-quality athletic apparel and jerseys that honor the great players from our favorite sports.
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A Nod to All Great Players

After years of collecting jerseys, the founders of 99Jersey recognized a gap in the market. The sports apparel industry offers only a small, select fleet of player jerseys. With so many great players in the game, shouldn’t we honor and respect the unique talents of each team member? We think so! So, in 2018, 99Jersey unveiled its first product line, introducing jerseys with a quality promise. Even more, we unveiled a more extensive line of customized player apparel, so you can depend on 99Jersey to find the team, the player, and the number that represents your preferences. At 99Jersey, we believe no great player should be forgotten.

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Jerseys are more than just athletic apparel. Jerseys create connections and serve as a reminder of nostalgic sports moments. Pull on that jersey and think back to seeing a game live or gathering around the TV for the big event. Sports connect people. Sports apparel is an extension of that connection. At Jersey 99, we pride ourselves in helping the world feel more connected through sports apparel and jerseys people can feel proud to wear.

A Quality Promise That Sets Us Apart

You expect value and Jersey 99 delivers. Jerseys are made from high-quality tackle twill materials and stitched to match the exact team’s specifications.
Each jersey is carefully inspected for precision and authenticity. Our products prove we are experts in jerseys.

Authentic Jerseys, Unforgettable Moments.

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